LBMER - Finding the Right Person for the Job

The LBMER Right Person Process™

Job Benchmarking

Benchmarking is identifying the requirements of the job so applicants can be compared against a standard.  The benchmark is an objective assessment of the background, education, experience and skills necessary to successfully perform a job. 

 In benchmarking an effort is made to answer the question: “How should the job be done?”   This inquiry goes beyond, “How are we currently doing the job?” or the personally biased question, “How would we like the job to be done?” to a forward thinking best-practices answer.

Benchmarking identifies the attributes necessary to successfully fill the position:

  • Knowledge
  • Hard skills
  • Behavior
  • Motivation/Culture
  • Personal Competencies

A key part of the benchmarking process is to identify 1 to 6 people with an intimate familiarity with the job.  These people participate in a facilitated session during which they identify and prioritize the “Key Accountabilities” necessary for someone to succeed at the job.  Afterwards, each of the people who took part in the session will complete an online assessment.  These individual assessments are combined into a single report—the Job Report—that identifies ideal behaviors, motivations and personal skills.