LBMER - Finding the Right Person for the Job


Our Process

LBMER utilizes The LBMER Right Person Process™ a procedure that identifies the knowledge, hard-skills, behaviors, motivators, and competencies necessary for a job to succeed.  Through this proven process, we develop a benchmark, unique to our client, to which a candidate is compared, and by doing so, we help to ensure we find the right person for the job. 

As part of the process, we aid our client in identifying 3 to 5 key accountabilities.  Key Accountabilities are essential to superior performance and are the foundation of the job benchmark. Similar to performance objectives, they are a more detailed description of why the job really exists. 

A clear understanding of accountabilities is an important element for the successful performance of the job.  The key accountabilities can be integrated into job descriptions and performance evaluations.

Our Network

In a search for top-notch talent, you want a partner who can pick up the phone and ask “Who do you know?”  Over the years, the LBMER team has developed numerous relationships within the building supply business—relationships that are crucial to finding the right person for a job.  Like the ripples spreading  from a stone tossed into a calm pond, our network of contacts helps to lead from one recommendation to another, until the right candidate is found.